The Best Weed Accessories in Toronto

If you’re of legal age to buy cannabis in Canada, then you’ve probably had some experience with cannabis accessories!

The first time most people try cannabis either involves a joint, which is wrapped by cannabis rolling papers, or a bong, which is the all time classic cannabis accessory.

Do you remember your first time trying cannabis! We sure do!

we’ll list some of our favorite cannabis accessories and how they can help you enjoy the experience!



The stalwart cannabis product! A good bong makes a great gift for any cannabis consumer!

Did you know that bongs have literally been around for centuries? They’re such a popular classic because they help generate a very rapid, very powerful effect for the consumer.

Bongs are also commonly believed to provide a much cleaner, smoother smoking experience.

We have a wide selection of bongs and our prices are amazing!



Here you’ll find our rolling papers, pre rolled cones, filters, trays, scales and more!

The most common one out of all are cannabis rolling papers which are considered an accessory to cannabis. They are generally used to wrap the cannabis flower into a smokable format.

Pre rolled cones are gaining in popularity because they are so convenient!

When you use a pre rolled cone, all you do is remove the cannabis pre rolled cone from the packaging, take out your cannabis flower, and fill the pre rolled cone with the cannabis flower.

And voila, you’ve got a ready to go cannabis joint!

Filters are popular because they help smokers maintain a clean and ash free experience during their smoking session.

For the veteran cannabis consumer, they probably are used to using cardboard cutouts as filters, but with all the new options on the market, there’s no need to go back to the old days!

Now, many rolling papers come complete with filters as well, so you can kill two birds with one stone by buying rolling papers with filters inside.

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How do you use grinders and what are they meant for?

Grinders are a staple cannabis accessory for most cannabis consumers and we’ve got plenty in stock!

Cannabis grinders help you break down the cannabis flower into tiny pieces that are much easier to roll up into a joint or a spliff.

There are all sorts of different types of grinders, from 4 piece cylindrical grinders to grinders that look like a visa card and function much like a cheese grater. All the user has to do is grind the flower on the side of the card, and you’ve got perfectly sized pieces of cannabis flower to use to roll up into a joint.

It makes smoking a breeze! And that’s why so many cannabis consumers rely on grinders, carrying them with them wherever they go, which is easy to do when they are as small as a visa card!

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Cannabis pipes come in all different shapes and sizes, but are typically a great cannabis accessory to have if you like to smoke your cannabis outside the home, generally on the go.

If you’re an avid cannabis consumer who likes to combine the experience of outdoor recreation like walking or hiking with smoking cannabis, then a cannabis pipe might be the right accessory!

Although pipes used to all be pretty similar, things have changed and this accessory has evolved quickly. We’ve got plenty of great function designs and stylish designs to meet any function and any taste!

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A must have item for any avid cannabis consumer is a great humidity control pack to help keep your cannabis fresh!

We’ve got plenty of options from Boveda packs to Integra Boost to help you control the freshness and quality of your cannabis for much longer than ever before.

Another great tool for any cannabis consumer's arsenal is an odor eliminator because these affordable sprays help quash the potent smell of cannabis. Let’s face it, not everyone loves the smell!

At Toronto Cannabis Authority, we also carry cannabis storage accessories and other tools to help enhance the experience you have with your cannabis products. Just ask one of our friendly budtenders and we’ll help find the right accessory for you!

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