The Best Selection of Cannabis Beverages in Toronto

Cannabis beverages are all the rage these days because we’ve never seen such an incredible selection of delicious beverages on the market before.

Our store, the Toronto Cannabis Authority, stocks a bevy of great tasting and potent cannabis beverages for you to try.

From high THC options like Deep Space which contains 10MG of THC to zero THC and high CBD sparkling waters and teas, we’ve got all the bases covered.

Even though cannabis drinks haven’t been a hugely popular format to date, we believe that weed drinks are going to become way more popular and we love them here at our cannabis store in Toronto!



For ages, Canadians have been used to the idea of cracking open a cold beer on the cottage dock when summer hits, but cannabis beverages are changing that into something else!

Low dose THC drinks are becoming enormously popular with people who are looking to replace alcohol because of the very obvious and well documented negative effects associated with alcohol.

These drinks are part of a new trend calling microdosing, which is when a person consumes a small amount of an intoxicating substance like cannabis and THC. Micro dose drinks are generally considered to be cannabis beverages with less than 2.5MG of THC per can or per bottle.

Generally, these drinks also have a high amount of CBD in them as well to help offset the effects of the THC.

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CBD drinks are one of the fastest growing formats in the cannabis world because they are making cannabis accessible to scores of new consumers!

Many people have shied away from cannabis because they believe THC is too intoxicating, either from things they’ve heard through the grapevine, or because of a previous bad experience.

Although lots of people can consume THC without experiencing any negative effects, there are many people who report feelings of paranoia when they consume too much high THC cannabis.

And the reason why CBD beverages are becoming so popular is because those people who are fearful of the paranoia effects associated with THC will have nothing to worry about if they consume CBD.

CBD is not known to produce any intoxicating effects which means that users do not experience paranoia, but they do get to experience the benefits of cannabis.

Many brands are now coming out with unique cannabis drinks that only contain CBD and serving this specific market. For example, there are many different types of CBD teas, CBD infused sparkling waters, sodas, and other beverages on the market right now!



Dissolvable THC Powder & CBD Powder is a great new way for cannabis consumers to infuse cannabis into their own drinks!

These powders are generally odorless and flavorless which means that they can be added to water, teas, or any other type of beverage without altering the taste of the drink!

You get all effects you’re seeking from your THC or CBD without changing your favourite drinks at all!



Cannabis shots are a new type of beverage that is making waves with consumers because these are very similar to the format of 5 hour energy drinks.

You can take these shots with you on the go wherever you are and they come in a variety of options, from high THC to high CBD shots, and even CBN shots.

They are a great alternative to smoking cannabis and useful when you don’t want to lug around a larger can or bottle!