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What is CBD?

That’s one of the most commonly asked questions at our store!

Well, CBD specifically refers to Cannabidiol, the non-intoxicating cannabis compound that is generally known to be the opposite of THC.

Whereas THC is known to get people “high”, CBD is commonly believed to provide a much calmer effect and not result in any feeling of intoxication whatsoever.

CBD's (cannabidiol) popularity started to rise thanks to the legalization of medical cannabis in Canada and the increasing awareness about the believed medical benefits of CBD. When recreational legalization of cannabis began, other people started to flock to CBD as well.

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CBD oil is now a staple for many cannabis consumers and we carry a wide variety of options at Toronto Cannabis Authority.

Some people like to make sure that their CBD oil has virtually no THC whatsoever in it. For some reason, we’ve been taught to believe that the only reason to consume cannabis is for it’s “high” but that’s an old way of thinking. It’s completely incorrect to believe that the “best” cannabis is the highest THC cannabis.

In fact, many people have an extremely low tolerance to cannabis and cannot tolerate high THC products, but they believe in the benefits of cannabis and want to consume products that suit them. That’s why so many people are switching to CBD products like CBD oils.

Generally, these people choose options that are high in CBD but extremely low in THC, to the point that there can be virtually no effect from the THC.

Others like to find a more balanced oil, commonly known as a 1:1 (one to one) which offers an equal mix of CBD and THC. For example, a cannabis oil which has 10MG of CBD and 10MG of THC is referred to as a 1:1.

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CBD Pre Rolls are all the rage in California and other US states where cannabis is legal like Oregon and now they’ve made a big splash in Canada.

Toronto Cannabis Authority keeps a broad range of CBD pre rolls in Toronto in stock. We have sativa dominant, indica dominant, hybrid, high-THC and high-CBD pre rolls available online and in store for all of our Toronto customers.

Our best known CBD pre rolls come from the brands Spinach and Ace Valley, which both have a high CBD, low THC options, giving novice consumers a great entry point into cannabis.



When legalization first began in Canada, it was impossible to get CBD topicals in Toronto but now that we’re years into legalization, there are many CBD topical options on the market!

CBD topical products are a recent addition to the cannabis industry. These products are topical, meaning that they are applied directly to the skin and the active ingredient is CBD. Some also have THC as an active ingredient too.

Consumers tend to use these topical products as an alternative to pain creams and things of that nature.



CBD capsules and CBD sprays are plentiful in Ontario and we carry a broad assortment of options for our customers in Toronto.

Many older people tend to like the capsules because they are a familiar format for them, and they offer no downside when it comes to sugar as chocolates or other edible products might.

CBD capsules tend to be popular with consumers who are laying down for the night and don’t mind waiting an hour or more for the effects of the cannabis to kick in.

CBD capsules come in two types. We have CBD capsules which are virtually entirely made of CBD and only contain trace amounts of THC, and then we also carry CBD capsules which have higher amounts of THC.



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